A simple solution for decreasing workflow duplication

Reusable GitHub workflows in private repositories

Anders Bea
August 11, 2022

In the article "Reusable workflows in private repositories” on Medium we provide a simple solution to a niche yet powerful DevOps tool.

All modern IT projects require DevOps automation for new features to be effectively built, tested and deployed. With solutions such as Jenkins and GitHub Actions, this becomes easier and more accessible to any who see the need.

Allowing users to reuse their automation workflows within DevOps opens for more dynamic scripting, less maintenance, and faster upgrades. One way to do so is to publish one’s actions as publicly available, yet this limits what organizations can include within said action. Of course, it motivates others to share simple yet creative solutions among the open-source community, just as it did for us when we recently shared the GitHub Actions “Connect to GKE”.

Not all organizations want to publish their internal workflow methods, and existing support for private shared methods seems limited when reviewing the official instructions on such. Therefore we share our simple fix by publishing the article “Reusable workflows in private repositories” on Medium that centers around a fix to a problem that is specific to GitHub Actions and allows developers to share their Actions across private code repositories within their organization.

Although it is a niche subject, it should prove helpful to any who experiences the same issue and look for just such a solution.

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