Integration & Connectivity

Enable consolidation of your data through SWIP's integrations with banks, custodians, accountants and other counterparties. Reduce data collection and processing time. Untangle your internal systems infrastructure by letting SWIP do the work for you.


• SWIP connects to API:s, Message Queues and reads data from files and databases. Have a look at our data requirements here.

• It supports all types of data sources

• SWIP can function as a middleware for validating, formatting and converting data to internal systems and external vendors such as regulatory compliance reporting and accounting systems

Streaming or Batch Processing

• Although batch processing is still extensively used in the financial industry monolithic systems will have to give way for more modern streaming / real-time solutions in the near term

• SWIP manages old traditional batch driven data flows handling them like real-time streams allowing the transition to real-time when sources are ready

Reporting & API:s

• Once SWIP is connected to available data sources, data can be delivered through reports, API:s and User Interfaces in the format of your choice

• SWIP’s API:s and message streams can be accessible to developers or customized to deliver tailored reports to deliver regulatory compliance reporting or to minimize development work when needing data from new sources or vendors.

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