Record Keeping & Data Warehousing

Let SWIP be your main data store for your records to comply with regulatory compliance. Keep it secure but accessible for your key stakeholders.

The Only Data Model You Will Need

• The SWIP data model can store any type of financial asset, liability and their corresponding transactions as well as their respective cash-flows.

• This means that you won’t have to spend time modelling your database tables, trying to figure how to represent information in your portfolio. Swimbird has done it for you.

Secure & Safe

• Your data is safely stored in our databases deployed on your premises or in the cloud. The level of access rights is determined by you and and can be configured on a role and user basis.


• Get the data you need when you need it.

• Connecting to our databases, API:s or message streams or simply visualize it in our user-friendly web application or through scheduled reports.

Take control of your portfolio. Book a demo of SWIP.