Record Keeping &
Data Warehousing

Standardise data models. Store critical compliance documentation securely in one place. Access records whenever needed.

The Only Data Model You Will Need

• The SWIP data model stores any type of financial asset, liability and its corresponding transactions as well as its respective cash flows eliminating the need for Excel modelling and fragmented reporting.

• Store regulatory compliance records securely in the SWIP platform. Enable continuous access of regulatory documentation to clients and key stakeholders.


• Data is safely stored in databases deployed on local premises or in the cloud. The level of access rights is determined by your needs and can be configured on a role and user basis.

• Access any data when you need it by connecting to our databases, API:s or message streams or simply through our user-friendly web application or through scheduled reports.


• All available data is backloaded onto system via file transfers or APIs

• Our onboarding services and support make sure all data is complete and up to date and that all users are comfortable using SWIP

• We offer a number of standard Service Level Agreements which can be customized according to need

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