Reporting & Apps

The SWIP UI is a central component of the SWIP platform and is built to be configured for your business needs.

Feature Rich

• The SWIP UI comes with a full set of components created for visualization of portfolio data, such as charts, graphs, tables, drilldowns, and more.

• We know that every once in a while you want to extract static reports and therefore SWIP comes with export functionality to get your data into Spreadsheets or PDF:s.

Configurable & White Labeled

• Our standard SWIP portfolio visualization dashboards are setup to make your user experience as good as possible.

• But we know that you may have individual preferences that more suit your way of managing portfolios and hence all dashboards and pages in SWIP can be completely configured based on your needs.

Responsive & User Friendly

• Financial applications have a tendency to not prioritize usability and modern look and feel since what matters most is the correctness and timeliness of the data in the systems.

• However, we believe that one should not rule out the other and we’ve built the SWIP UI to be completely responsive, modern and user friendly.

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