Gain control of
your IT and Systems Infrastructure

Systems infrastructure for managing investments can become complex, inefficient and costly. Swimbird makes the process smooth, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Our platform

SWIP is not just another portfolio system

Tailor Your Experience

Get a complete overview of your portfolio and investment process across all asset types and investments in real-time.

• Stocks • Funds • Alternative Investments
• Private Equity • Derivatives • Bonds • FX

The SWIP UI can be white-labelled or added as components inte your existing web apps.

Give your staff the tools they deserve

Give your investors and back-office more control and insights into portfolios. Enable better investment decisions and operational efficiency.

• More time spent focusing on investments by automating processes.
• Less time spent struggling to get a complete overview of your total portfolios and achieving regulatory compliance.

All Assets and Liabilities in One View

Visualize your total performance and exposures in one view regardless of the asset.

SWIP handles stocks, funds, bonds, derivatives, alternative assets, FX, and liabilities and can easily integrate with your source systems.

The SWIP user interface handles real-time information and gives your users a modern view of portfolio data.

Scalable and Real-time

SWIP is built on a micro-service architecture where all data is handled as streams enabling scalable and real-time solutions for you and your stakeholders.

• Scales horizontally as loads increase.

• Streaming data enables real-time feeds to client UI:s, internal data warehouses and data-lakes.

Step by Step

Discover how it works


Swimbird works together with you to map your current systems infrastructure and data sources.


We help you define quick wins and will set up a long-term strategy for you on how you can achieve a modern and scalable solution.


The Swip platform is built to handle complex account structures, role-based access rights, and any asset type without compromising scalability and security.


Allowing you to grow your investment range without having to worry about your technology solution not keeping up to speed with higher loads or new regulatory demands.

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