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The only platform you will ever need

Build stronger client and stakeholder relationships with transparent and improved reporting

Enable tailored real time investment reports to LPs and GPs at their convenience and in their preferred channel, be it digitally, as a pdf or exported to excel. Provide increased investment transparency and control by enabling consolidated views of investments in private equity and venture capital funds, cash & listed instruments, direct investments, commercial real estate, art, cars and collections.

Streamline processes by reducing manual labour and errors

Improve operational efficiency and processes and minimize errors and costs by eliminating tedious data collection using our integrations with multiple data sources. Update recordkeeping and order by backloading all historical fund transaction data with our innovative backloading tool. By automating manual processes you will reduce key man risks and benefit from full audit trail.

Improve cash management and liquidity forecasting

Enable an overview of and management of cash positions using SWIP's integrations to banks and custodians. SWIP's Private Equity and Venture Capital module facilitates fund related liquidity forecasting, management and reporting.

Enable financial performance by spending time on portfolio analysis

Spend time analyzing the portfolio, investments and risk instead of collecting and compiling investment data.
Analyze data according to geography, instrument type, sector, company, currency and sustainability. Track market sentiment with SWIP’s Portfolio Sentiment Analysis. Manage all FX risks.

how it works

Seamless onboarding


We meet with you to understand
your needs and how we can help

We analyze your needs and illustrate how we can improve efficiency, control and reporting at your company, enabling you to service your stakeholders & clients in the best way possible.


We upload your data and customize
the platform to fit your needs

We map out and upload your data onto the platform. We integrate with your banks, custodians, accountants and other counterparties to improve efficiency. We tailor the platform interfaces and reports to your requirements.


We ensure that all users are trained and comfortable with the platform

We guide and train all users in all aspects of the platform to ensure full comfort and utilization of it, ensuring that all efficiency gains are realized.


We provide tailored support
according to your needs

Should you require additional help, we provide continuous and tailored support services.

Pricing that
scales as you do

Propel LP and GP reporting to the next level with SWIP. Fixed platform fee. For more information, contact our CCO Tomas Engel.

Contact us for more information

We’re excited to tell you more about our great product and to find out how we can help you. For more information and demo, please contact our CCO Tomas Engel.

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