Strategic, Analytic & Operational Functions

Improve portfolio insight by using SWIP's analytical tools. Choose analytical functionality by toggling or connect your own functionality to enhance the SWIP user experience. Reduce manual input.


• SWIP calculates performance in real-time upon transaction entry or when market prices are updated

• View total performance history in the UI and compare it to standard or custom benchmarks

• Performance is calculated on a per holding level allowing access to a full history of all individual holdings' contributions to total performance

• Track market sentiment with SWIP’s Portfolio Sentiment Analysis. Using our API's advanced algorithms, follow how the portfolio's securities are being talked about on social media

Risk & Exposures

• SWIP automatically calculates exposures when prices for holdings are updated

• Monitor exposure in FX, geographical region or asset class or set up a measure of your choice

• Choose a base currency and model currency risk against other currencies of choice

Sustainable Investing

• Monitor sustainability by categorizing your investments according to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)  with our Environmental Impact Analysis

• Drill down to see the impact of each investment and make informed decisions towards a sustainable future


• SWIP can be used to automate time consuming reconciliation processes through the connectivity layer and smart data transformer. By parsing and converting source data into a matchable result set the platform enables reconciliation work to focus on matching reports without having to do manual, error-prone comparisons of pdf:s and excel-files

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