Strategic, Analytic & Operational Functions

Use SWIPs built in analytical tools to gain better insights of your portfolio. Features can be toggled on or off and your can even hook in your own functionality to enhance the SWIP user experience.


• SWIP calculates performance in real-time as soon as a transaction is received in the system or when market prices are updated.

• Visualize your total performance history in our UI and compare it to standard or custom benchmarks.

• Performance is calculated on a per holding level meaning that you can get a full history of all individual holdings contributions to your total performance.

Risk & Exposures

• SWIP automatically calculated exposures when prices for your holdings are updated. See your currency, region or asset class exposure or set up a measure of your choice.


• SWIP can be used to automate your time consuming reconciliation processes by our connectivity layer and smart data transformer which parses and converts your source data into a matchable resultset.

• Meaning that you can focus on getting matching reports without having to do manual, error prone comparison of pdf:s and excel-files.

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