Alexander Bea

Chief Analytics Officer

With a specialty in Quantitative Analytics and Machine Learning, Alexander is always eager to discuss and implement any analytics models.


Alexander Bea

His focus and expertise lie within designing and building any type of analytics/calculation model needed to get the job done! Of course, he also helps out in any code construction/maintenance needed in the distributed platform as well as being there for the client when it comes to sales, onboarding, and operational duties.

Past experience

Alexander has worked many years as a Senior Quantitative Analyst in the financial arena. He has deep experience in all categories of liquid and illiquid financial instruments as well as most analytics models that come in contact with these asset types. He holds the renowned certification in quantitative finance (CQF) by Paul Wilmott and has studied two Master of Science, one in Software Engineering of Distributed Systems and the other in Machine Learning at KTH.