Charlotte Holmquist

Founding Partner & Personal Trainer

Leveraging my extensive journey within the investment banking industry to build the next-gen financial platform with a rockstar team.


Charlotte Holmquist

"My drive in life comes from my passion for health management and wellness! On top of my experience within finance, I have more than 25 years of experience as a personal trainer, group trainer & running coach."

Past experience

Before Swimbird, Charlotte gained her extensive experience from the banking/financial industry, primarily within Marketing & Administration from several business areas within investment banking. She has had the responsibilities to direct marketing campaigns, plan marketing budgets, and being point-person within a departments planning of scheduled events. Her role has also extended to handling executive administrative operational tasks such as arranging large client events and seminars. Throughout it has always been key for to be on top of all current events within the organization, but also previous and future in order to direct management in all relevant paths.