Gustaf Holmquist


Long-term success depends on being able to demonstrate value to the customer.


Gustaf Holmquist

"I aim to retain top customers and nurture those key relationships over time. I try to become a strategic partner and advisor to the client, discover new opportunities to work together with them for mutual benefits"

Past experience

One of his primary goals is to understand each part of the business and be able to communicate effectively to build bespoke offers. Thereby, he is often engaged in most corners of the business, anything from product development to sales. As the liaison for the customer and the rest of the company, Gustaf excels at communication in person, over the phone, via email, and across teams. He is an expert at coordinating busienss executives, investment managers, operations, sales reps, and coders to make sure that the client is always taken care of and up-to-date.

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Gustaf Holmquist

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