Johanna Lindstedt

I have a passion for people and adventures.


Johanna Lindstedt

“I have a passion for people and adventures. Meeting and interacting with new people boosts my energy levels and it often opens up new possibilities. My love for sailing and skiing adds challenge and sparks creativity. I always try to push myself to try new things and go beyond my comfort zone. It is sometimes scary, but always rewarding with broadened perspectives and personal growth.”

Past experience

Following a senior exchange year in Boston and completion of her Swedish high school diploma, Johanna is now studying industrial engineering and management at KTH. In addition, you find her here at Swimbird on a part-time basis. One of Johanna’s main objectives is to learn new things and do it fast. Luckily, she gets ample opportunity to practice this both in school and while at work. Her combined understanding of economics and coding serves as a bridge between the tech world and the financial aspects of business life, which helps provide valuable insights for our business. Johanna is always keen to take on new tasks and ready to help out.

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Johanna Lindstedt

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