Passionate about tech

Our mission is to improve the financial industry by providing easy to implement, modern and scalable technology solutions.

The idea

The Scandinavian financial industry was lacking something.

It was lacking people who could see the big picture of investments from a holistic perspective and yet could deep-dive into the nitty-gritty details of financial instruments and business processes.

We decided to put together a team that could do just that, while being able to translate those insights into great technology.

The result

We put a great team together and built a product even better.

We decided to build a product that could handle integration work in a generic way, minimizing the workload for fetching data, could store any type of asset and transaction, was built to scale using micro-services, reactive streams, and responsive UI:s built on modern frameworks and could easily handle adding new portfolio analytics functionality.

Our Team

Meet the amazing team behind Swimbird.

Our Values

The values that shape everything we do at Swimbird.


We are passionate about technology and our developers thrive knowing that we are using the best technology available to achieve our goals.


Just as we develop software lean and agile we apply that philosophy to our bodies and minds. We use personal training to achieve greater energy & results.


We are always focused on results and take great pleasure in seeing that our clients benefit from what we deliver.


Integrity for us is about being professional, transparent, honest and true with our clients. Always focusing on creating great customer value.