Data integration

Easy access to financial data

Through our integration solution Swimbird NEST we revolutionize data mapping, shifting from traditional methods to AI-driven processes, including advanced capability to process all data formats including PDF data into transactions.

Data Integration Easy access to financial data

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SWIP cloud services Swimbird Solution

SWIP cloud services

If you do not need a full-scale frontend application, access our powerful, reliable and efficient microservices to handle your portfolio management and investment calculations.

Get access to a suite of dynamic APIs
Capable of performing a wide range of functions important for effective portfolio management
Including support the management of private equity prices and NAV prices

Seamless integrations

Our integration platform ”Swimbird NEST” is designed to with limited tech resources integrate to the sources you need.

Easily access data to get valuable insights and perform andvanced analytics
We connect to any format and source, including market-, static-, transaction- (listed and unlisted instruments) and social media data
Swimbird NEST Seamless integration Swimbird Solution
Structured data Swimbird Solution

Structured data

Unstructured data is cleaned, converted, mapped and validated to standardized data.

Manages traditional batch-driven data flows like real-time streams
Enables the shift to real-time as soon as your sources are ready

Exceed customer expectations

By getting access to all relevant data in time you can focus on giving your clients pro-active portfolio advise rather than spending time on collecting data.

SWIP creates accounting records to further automate manual processes
 Integrates with your accounting system

Our seamless onboarding process

Find out how we can help you achieve your digital goals and let you focus on your core business.

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