Banks & asset managers

Tailored to your specific needs

SWIP is a modern portfolio platform which integrates and aggregates transaction data from multiple sources. Handles both listed and unlisted investments in one place.

Our microservices architecture enables consumer flexibility and fast development of new features.

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Complete portfolio overview Swimbird Solution

Complete portfolio overview

With SWIP you can handle all asset classes and instrument types. Dynamic asset allocations and performance analytics. Your entire team can work in SWIP with different roles and access rights.

Handle all asset classes and instrument types
Dynamic asset allocations and analytics
The team can work with different access rights

Improve your client offering

Manage acquisition values, market valuations, performance over time. Advanced analytics specific to each asset type including drill downs from portfolio level. Examples of what SWIP handles:

Private assets & Private equities
Commercial real estate
PE and VC fund investments
Improve your client offering Swimbird Solution
Open finance ready trough our data integration Swimbird Solution

Open finance ready through our data integrations

It can be challenging to connect to various sources and systems in different formats, with our integration solution Swimbird NEST you can seamlessly integrate to multiple sources.

Swimbird NEST Integrates to internal and external systems & sources in different formats
We manage raw and unstructured data to structured data which you can consume through our standard APIs

Record keeping

Standardize data models. Store critical compliance documentation securely in one place. Access records whenever needed. What we do for record keeping:

Stores data in one location, on premises or in the cloud
Accessible through multiple channels including databases
Access rights tailored to your needs and configurable on a user and role basis
Asset management Record Keeping Swimbird Solution
API White label or APIs Swimbird Solution

White Label or APIs

Different users have different needs, it is up to you how you want to use SWIP to meet you and your clients need.

White label and give access to your clients through a single sign-on from your web site, or
Use our rich APIs and build your own user experience and integrate to your system / main frame

Our seamless onboarding process

Find out how we can help you achieve your digital goals and let you focus on your core business.

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